Shoe repair

Greetings textiles friends! My favorite pair of heels need some love. The pull-tab for the zipper came all the way off. can anyone replace a zipper on them? Please Help I love these shoes!

Jack Smith is probably your best bet. Is it the pull that came off, part of the pull, or is it missing some teeth?

The whole pull. I don’t see any missing teeth

Let’s take a look at it I’ve got extra pulls and the tools needed to replace them.


When will you be up at Make?

Wednesday 6-8 but I don’t know if I can track down my zipper tools before then, but if I look at them will know better if they are fixable or if you need a new zipper.

I got put on an antibiotic Monday that’s kicking my butt. I thought I had covered everything and I just thought about your shoes. I apologize if you went to the space and I wasn’t there.