Sheet Metal work

Hello, I am interested in finding out if someone can point me to a how to on some sheet metal work. I need to take a 10 inch piece of aluminum roll it into a ring large 4 foot ring. Easy enough I get get that done. But How do I set a 3 inch Flange to the inside edge of the ring. One sides flange will need to be complete with no relief cutts or tabs. I can go releif and tabs on the back just not the front. So that when I braze the ends I will have a flange capable of of holding in some plexi for a sign face and back. Hoping someone can point me somewhere.

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The metal shop does not have the capacity that I think your looking for. Flanged rings are usually made with material that has a flange such as a metal angle and then rolled into a ring.


I’ve been wanting to build an angle roller to make rings with flanges. Let me ponder on this for a couple days, I might have the parts on hand… If it can’t wait I have a friend with one, but they are a bit pricey.


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