Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll


Yes. The title is just click-bait to get you to read this… but it is important.

MakeICT runs on volunteers. If you aren’t volunteering for something, you need to reconsider your actions.

Anything we can’t get a volunteer to do, we will have to pay for and dues will go up even without a new building.

I have noticed lately that many of our volunteers have been burning out because we are trying to do too much with too few people. We have had very little response for people to volunteer for committees. Some have no volunteers at all. I am sad about this because it is actually quite a bit of fun to volunteer…

Please consider signing up to be a volunteer:


Didn’t read the message, just the title – I was in a hurry. Where do we sign up for the sex, drugs, & rock and roll? Is there like a sign-up sheet somewhere?


I’m asking for a friend.