Sewing machine e-learning


As someone of you may know, I met a man at the Nation of Makers Conference who is building an e-learning websites in hopes of selling subscriptions to Makerspace to supplement their curriculum. So far we’ve developed (5) 5 minute lessons to supplement my Know Your Sewing Machine class. We will be testing those lessons on January 26th time TBD. So far I have @triepe, @jwithers, and one more person I’ve chatted with in email. I have room for 7 more people, who know little to nothing about sew, we just want feedback on these supplemental lessons. This isn’t the class, I will schedule those soon on other dates. Please let me know, if you’re interested and willing to Give feedback.


I am definitely interested in helping with feedback.


This is currently scheduled 1230-130 in the classroom on January 26th. I’m going to ask if it can be done remotely as I have a couple interested parties that can’t be present.