Sewing cabinates

Free available at the Sewing Center 13th and Meridian

2 cabinates one has a Singer 503A. First come first serve only posted here


I don’t know much about sewing cabinets. But do these have the little cubby thing so the needle part is flush with the table?
Am I even making sense?

The machines that fit these tables didn’t have a free arm so they would be flush with the table.

Would one of them fit a Brother Cs6000i? I am tired of hunching over my machine that’s resting on the kitchen table

Is the singer machine operational? I could really use a sewing machine.


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From what I was told yes

Unfortunately it’s not made to go in a cabinet. We have portable table That would probably be what your wanting something similar to. I think made by Singer,that’s light weight, I see them all the time on Marketplace, but as I search today I can’t find one. I can set it up the next time I’m at the space and send pictures.

Cool, if its available… I could use…

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Call the Sewing Center 316-832-0819 I would have taken the Rocketeer but my husband said no more sewing machines.