Sept 24th - ICT Drive Electric Day

Hey guys, Sept 24th from 1pm to 4pm will be the Wichita part of National drive electric week.

I’ll have the roadster out there and we’ll probably have a small booth there as well. People are welcome to come out and help as well as show off the electric bikes, skateboards, and scooters as well!

Here’s the link to the event if you’d like to enter in your own electric car or find out more information.

…and of course you know the roadster (with MAtherton and Ethan got the top photo on the national page. :slight_smile:



That’s also the Air Show at McConnell. Wonder if there’s a Train related event that weekend. Planes, maybe Trains, and Automobiles Weekend.

Well this is a weekend early but train related. Kansas Railfest 2022

There was a decent turn out at the zoo despite the airshow. There was another member from MakeICT out there with his car (Sean - one of the first VPs with a Tesla model x) as well as 2 former members from the blue bird days with cars. There were also a half dozen current members that came out to see what was going on.

There also seems to be some ‘off gridders’ showing up to these events. These people are working on ways to be completely self sufficient and cut their dependency on utility companies. One person I talked to has successfully grown a large enough solar farm to power his Nissan leaf as well as a pair of deep freezers, a gas heater, and all the lighting in his barn while maintaining a 90% charge level on the barn’s battery system.

I’ve invited the off gridders to come join us on maker Monday. It’ll be fun to see what their approach would be to going solar at MakeICT with their 5yr payback plan approach.


Is your car street legal now?

Not yet, I’m working with Jerry and Kansas highway patrol on the paperwork, but I still need to put headlights and mirrors on it.