Separate leadership committee

Should we have a leadership committee tasked with selecting area lead candidates and operating the board election? This committee would need to be populated by long term members who are either not interested in holding an elected seat or area lead position, members who are committed to our organizations success (example: Jens, Barb, James Seymour, NOT ME, etc). Another task this committee could undertake would be the preparation of future leaders within our group. This committee is to remove any idea of impropriety or conflicts of interest with both levels of leadership being held by the same people. We wouldn’t want anyone to think that people would be doing anything unjust behind the scenes, for example: vote for me for position a and i’ll vote for you in position b.

Jeff your question isn’t really a question, more of a proposal, so I’m not going to add it to the member survey and am moving it to its own topic. Plus as an idea I have to admit I just think it’s a little out there. If someone is elected to the board, I’d HOPE that s/he is committed to our organization’s success and the preparation of future leaders! I don’t know why else anyone would even want to be on the board. The title brings about just as much grief as it does admiration and the pay is terrible. You brought up in another thread that you don’t think board members should ever be area leads, but you never told me who you wanted to be textiles lead instead of Malissa, she was the one we overlapped on last year.

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