Seat removal

I have a big blue 1999 Chevy Suburban. I’m trying to modify my suburban to camp and travel. I need to take out the back seat. Can someone help me with that. I;d appreciate it very much.

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If you’re looking to do it at the makerspace, just let know when!


I’m not even 100% sure I need to, but I’ll be there today(Sunday) in ceramics. I’ll get back with you, Thanks for answering

Oh, AWESOME! JUST the person I was told to see about a little clay project I’d like to do. I NEVER name drop, so I will reveal that @ScottS pointed me in your direction and has great respect for your work.

What time you going to be there?!


When would be a good time to meet at makeict

Just about any time… I’ll be there a bunch tomorrow! Hit me up on FB Messenger!