Saw for sale

There is a 14" table saw that was donated to MAKE ICT. Since it is a large industrial type of saw we are looking to sell it. The attached PDF has most of the details. Please contact me you need more information. Typically, these saws run from $800 in poor condition to $4,000 in great shape. This unit’s condition falls in the middle of this range. My suggestion is to start at $2,000 and discuss any reasonable offers. My contact information is TCORNWELL@COX.NET or 316-305-3062.

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Posted a link on our FB page

Lately I’ve watched a few recent YouTube videos posted by Adam Savage, of Myth Busters fame. It appears that he has, in his workshop, a saw just like this, or very nearly so. I’m just saying, if it is good enough for Adam Savage…

I’d be interested, but I don’t have 3-phase power and I’m not really interested in figuring out how to create 3-phase power to run a saw. I guess if the price point got low enough, maybe I’d rethink that.

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Isn’t it still our policy to put it up for bids on the 3 nerd form?

This is the first time I have tried to sell something for us. When Paula asked me to post it on the forum. If I should be doing it another way or on a different system I would appreciate the help


3 phase power for something like this is incredibly easy. An inexpensive vfd will do that and provide other features as well.

Unless the policy has been changed, you’ll want to fill out this form. This gives members an opportunity to bid on the item:

Taking Offers - Item removal form.pdf (56.0 KB)