Roller stands

I was ripping some wood and needed only one of the roller stands would work. The other ones had the threads in the stand stripped out. They may need to go to the metal shop once we are operating and get redone.

That sounds like a pretty quick repair job with a set of taps.

Do you know what size bolt the stands were using?

No, I didn’t pay that much attention.

If you can get them or let me in to get them, I can fix that while I’m working on the last welding cart.

I will be there Tuesday evening.

If I can remember and I’m not tied up on something else, I’ll try to make it over on Tuesday.



I’ll get these dropped off this next week, but they are all fixed.


Thanks bunches for volunteering to do this!

You Rock! - One more thing to line through on the white board!

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Thanks David

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They are back at home!

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