Ridiculously cheap 3D printer

When I got my Anet A8 printer last year, it was something like $179. I just came across an eBay shop selling these for $54.99 with free shipping. I have a hard time believing that price is legit. It’s unbelievable for that particular printer, which is quite serviceable and has a huge user base with tons of upgrades published on Thingiverse and elsewhere. I could see a fledgling makerspace start out in 3D printing by installing half a dozen of these for a pittance. When I bought mine, I upgraded the bed with a $4 piece of hardware store glass, and the first print was very good.

I could see offering a $100 “In-depth Intro to 3D Printing” class where everyone gets to assemble their own printer, then take it home as their own. It would have to span maybe 3 or 4 sessions, but what a way to bring people into the maker world. I think the class would sell out over and over again if it were advertised on Facebook.

At any rate, the link to the printer is here.

I don’t see any fine print saying that it is just the acrylic pieces, or that motors aren’t included, or anything like that. Am I just reading too fast and missing some important bit of information?

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Right under the bold item name, there’s a drop-down ‘item’ field. A 5 pack of filament is $55 and what your link is for. The printer is $160. (It caught me too. A friend pointed it out.)


Good catch. If it looks too good to be true…