Regularly scheduled board meeting, 21 April 2022 @ 7pm

Regularly scheduled board meeting, 21 April 2022 @ 7pm.

Agenda so far: 21 April 2022 - MakeICT Wiki
If anyone wants to add things, please reply here. (or add them to the wiki)

Committee and Area @Leads please fill out this form for reports: Also please don’t do it just a few minutes before the meeting please!

As per discussion at the Area Leads meeting, @Leads please link any updated access policies you’d like to be considered at this meeting, or if they are fine as is.


Or here:

I will not be able to make this meeting, so, we’ll need to either
A: Have somebody else learn the AV setup (I’m available most times this weekend, happy to walk anybody through it)!!
B: Use another video-conferencing setup
C: go fully-remote for this meeting.

Just taggin to make sure you see this and are in the loop @jpalschauhan


As a follow up, if someone else wants trained on the AV setup your last chance before this meeting is tomorrow evening. If you’re interested please shoot me a text at
(six-four-one) 980-0043

Susan de Wit would like to make a presentation about reincorporating the gallery space and taking on the Gallery lead.

I would like the board to approve paying the City permit out of the funds collected for the Vendor market. The cost of the event permit is $375 for 30 vendors. At the time of writing this I have 6 people registered and at least 3 more who will be filling out their application. With the change to June 11th I have had more people interested.

I’ll check in as an A/V backup. I’ll meet you there a half-hour before. Do I just need my laptop or what?

Thank you for letting me know.

@jameslancaster, I can’t find the link to the proposed vendor agreement for the Maker May in the board notes for the Meeting last Thursday. The meeting notes that are published on the agenda seem a little thin and I can’t find any of our discussion about Maker May, or anything else really.

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I believe the agreement is in the folder with the board meeting agenda/notes on Google drive. There’s a dog and a doc version if memory serves.

Thanks Patrick. I found it. We do need to get Board meeting notes up on the wiki in a timely manner though.