Regular member meeting?

I recall discussion of the member meeting being this weekend, at the board meeting. However, Trying to check the time, I can’t see it on the calendar.

What time and day was it supposed to be?

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I can’t recall if it was the 8th or the 14th. I think we were going to do breakfast with the board /quarterly meeting. So that would be the 14th at Booth.


What time is meeting?

The 8th is the second Saturday. Did we change the date for breakfast?

Oops, I guess Saturday is the 7th. Never mind.

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The 14th is the second Saturday…

According to the minutes from the last board meeting, it looks like it was supposed to be today (the 8th).

Did this happen? I didn’t see a notice :frowning:

No, but we will make sure it happens this Saturday 9- 11 and have a work day at Booth after.

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