Does anyone here know where a person might find some #8 (1 in diameter) rebar in the Wichita area? I’ve seen as big as 5/8in in the home improvement stores. The Yard does have some pieces in the back corner, but it is pretty old and rusty looking. I am needing 6 pieces, 4-5 ft long.

I’d try contacting a concrete contractor like dondlinger and ask if they would sell you some.

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Have you checked Graingers?

Oddly enough, Grainger doesn’t carry rebar. They have about every rebar tool you can imagine, but not the rebar itself.

I ended up calling several places and landed on Central Plains Steel Co. They don’t carry 1in rebar, but they can get it. So I have some on order. The only problem is that it comes in 20ft lengths and I need about 24ft. So I’m going to have some left over if anyone has a need for 1in rebar.

Makes great horse shoe stakes

What did it end up costing you?

$58.50 for a 20ft piece. Seems like quite a bit, but I had seen higher prices online.