Re-taking Classes (auditing?)

There are a couple classes I’ve taken in the past, that I didn’t utilize the skills in a timely manner and so I forgot most of what I learned. What is the standard process for retaking a class? Do you have to sign-up and pay for it again? In college you can audit a class without credit/grade for free or cheap.

Or would it just be easier to get with the lead/assistants for a quick refresher/overview of the process? Or I suppose I could scour the wiki to see if that provides enough info to get me started.

The primary classes I’m interested in:

  • Shop-bot
  • Screen printing
  • Rotary attachment for laser (paid for it, but had a conflict and couldn’t attend)



You could reach out to each instructor and ask them about sitting in on the next class. I’ve done that a couple of times for a refresher, and it was fine with them.


I have also asked an individual who was good at what I was learning to help me one on one; as long as you’re authorized in that area. I forget a bunch of that stuff too, I just ask for help and let that person know my skill level. I have found Most people enjoy helping someone.


Great feedback, thanks!


I would say most instructors allow previous students to come observe to refresh memories on procedures and techniques. I’d echo reaching out to the instructor and make sure it’s cool, plus then the instructor isn’t surprised by the floating +1.


Yup, I’ve always told my laser basics students they can crash any future class for free. Check with those instructors a lot of us are the same. Unfortunately I do not remember how to use the rotary tool so I can’t teach that one.