Re orientation for members

I am interested in going through a reorientation class. Are there any plans for classes?

Does a three legged dog swim in a circle?

New member orientation does what you need. Find a day and sign up!

The only orientation( both new and old go to orientation now) on the calendar is now full. I was just about to email @Membership to see when another class would be added, as I’ve also been asked on social media.

So keep an eye on the calendar and be patient while we get our poop in a group! :smiley:

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They are on the calendar as new member orientations… Please sign up for one. Todays is full. The next one is February 13

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Thanks for the info, I looked at the calendar for Feb 13, did’t see anything listed. Thank you

@sdowens can you look into this please? @bettymike please ck back, we’ll get it added soon.

Don’t see anything about orientations in the events inbox…

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I’ll touch base with Steve tomorrow. It’s in the works!

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Sessions have been added on the calendar for 2/13 and 2/23.

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