Sorry, Paula, I should’ve read the previous comments; got one more question: went to the classroom with the list of things needing done: there was one about putting up shelves in the classrooms. Please provide more info, like who do I contact about helping make those, etc.

You all really made the place spruced up. Thanks for all help.

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Hello All MakeICT members and friends!

You are invited to RE-MAKEICT Tuesdays. That’s tomorrow July 21st! From 6-9pm. Come out and pick a project.
Activities include

  1. Prepping for plumbing push.
  2. Cleaning, prime and paint classroom 1 (almost done) and #5 (closet 1st)
  3. Put shelving up in closet room 1 copying room 3
  4. Finish book shelves in rooms 1,3 and 5
  5. Continue wood work refinishing in north entrance.
    6.Polish brass components of entry doors
  6. Hang white boards
    This is a partial list… YOUR HELP IS NEEDED AND APPRECIATED!!

Would you have time to meet me Tuesday evening. Then I could show you what we are thinking for the shelves.

@d673mendoza **see above message. Tks!

I will come over tonight so we can talk

That sounds great!

I will be at RemakeICT tomorrow to work on the shelves. Also would like to remind anyone who would like to join us this Saturday for a MOW & TRIM PARTAY!!! Woo Hoo!!! Bring your mowers and trimmers and cold drinks and sun protection!!! We could use more help with the trimming (sidewalks, around the building, etc.) Thank you, thank you very much!


Saturday shenanigans start at 8 am!


Hey guys, I want to do my part in volunteering and want to know how to best facilitate that. I plan on being at the re-make Tuesday this week (or whenever the next planned remake is!) to check out the to-do list, see what I can contribute, and get caught up on any relevant do’s and don’t’s. I’ve dropped by Vermont to check the space out but haven’t been able to get in with my key card, despite keeping up with my membership payments. I had kind of been hoping to stop by for ~2 hours everyday to help out, so I was wondering if there were some sort of supervision limitations or something. If this has been covered already or if someone could point me in the right direction (or a past post, haha), I’d appreciate it.

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Cool. The key card system is new and I understand we are starting by putting in the folks that are working first, so that should get sorted out when you drop by on Tuesday. See you there!


Coming in tomorrow Aug 4 to work on the closet shelves classroom 1

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Awesome David!!!

J Chen, I’m really looking forward to meeting and working with you! We will see you tomorrow from 6 and 9!!!

Reminder Tonight is Re-make ICT from 6-9pm!!! All those who volunteer in the month of Aug and sign in will go into a drawing for a $50 gift card from Red Robin sponsored by our very own Cathy Bowman. Thank you Cathy for your generosity! We look forward to working with each of you!! See you tonight!!


Hello All!! Don’t forget to come out for ReMAKEICT this Tuesday 6-9 pm. Enter for your chance to WIN a $50 Red Robin gift card!!! All those who work in the month of Aug are eligible. Remember to sign in!

We will also have a push on the plumbing MON, TUE and WED 6-9pm Come on out and enjoy the camaraderie!!

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I’m not sure where the signup for ReMAKEICT for Tuesday is but I’m planning on being there at 6:00 on Tuesday. Had I read this earlier I would have been there tonight, too.

No signup required… just show up and if you are new ask someone what you can do to help! :slight_smile:

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Mowing the lawn this Saturday if anyone wants to join us. Need more help with trimming and edging. We start at 8 am.


Carol and I will be there.
Got new blades for mower and we picked up new gas blower. We got the blowing you’ll see!
We could always use more help!