Questions for Kez

It seems that you feel that the “questions” are optional. Which is true. Yet as the only current board member running again that has not filled out the questions I would like to understand your reasons for running for the board again.

If you would be so kind:
During your time on the Board, what do you feel you did right? What do you think you did wrong, or could have done better?

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What techniques and tools do you use to keep yourself organized?

Kez Cook, At several Board meetings this year you were very defensive about change. Including but not limited to the Key form. Are you generally against change? Please explain.

If you could change three things about yourself, what would they be?

Just bumping this thread incase Kez Cook missed it.

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@KezC I know you have been really busy. Do you know if you will be able to make it to the annual meeting/ elections to introduce yourself to those who may not know who you are?

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@ScottS, I do feel like the questions are optional, as are almost everything we do with MakeICT. This is a volunteer run organization and, as such, sometimes (like the last three weeks for me) we aren’t able to get things done as quickly as others wish they were done.

Here ya go: “During your time on the Board, what do you feel you did right? What do you think you did wrong, or could have done better?”

  • What I did right: I feel like my votes represented the wishes of the membership as a whole.
  • What could be done better: I could be more present in the makerspace. This is remedied for this upcoming year as my 9-5 job no longer requires a significant amount of travel.
    Thanks for asking!

I use my calendar to keep organized. It has been my go to tool for many many years and I love calendaring. I’m not sure that completely answers your question, but it is my favorite answer.
Oh yea, I also have milk crates in my trunk to keep my projects from touching each other in transport…

@JeremiahB, I am resistant to change when it seems to me that a majority of the people voting for it don’t understand the reason why things were being done in that manner in the first place. I feel like several things fell under this category in the past year.

I am resistant to change for change sake. I am not opposed to growing, just unnecessary work because it suddenly feels too calm. The phrase “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” definitely applies here.

@JeremiahB, didn’t miss it. Didn’t need the bump. Didn’t have time to respond till now.

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@ScottS as of today at 3:32p, nothing could keep me from that meeting. :slight_smile: See ya there!

@james.a.seymour Well, um, uh…

  1. One of my new year’s resolutions was I will be fit by 40. So I guess I would change how fit I am.
  2. I would improve my group facilitation skills.
  3. I’m not perfect, but I’m super happy with who I am. I’m always learning, but I got nothing for this bullet.