Questions For All Candidates

If you have a question you would like to address to all of the candidates, please post it here instead of individually on each candidate’s thread.

Candidates, when answering these questions please copy them to your thread rather than replying here.

(Getting tired of getting the same email 10 times in a row :wink:)


Hey didn’t want to show favoritism

Candidates- list the makerspace areas and rate your proficiency in them.

Does proficiency in the areas matter?

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I came to post a cheeky gif but couldn’t find anything good when searching for “messy”. But I did find this, which is kind of the opposite of what happened.

Someone needs to make one of these. #sntmoot

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What are the best and worst aspects of your leadership and communication styles? What can you do to improve or mitigate your worst quality?

List one thing for each candidate that you truly admire about them.

This election cycle is creating the great divide, It is obviously bringing the worst out in some people.
With so much hatred going on, once the election is over, will you support the elected officials? Why or why not?
Do you think the board will be able to overcome the damage done and work together in the end?

I think your right. It seems the art of discussion/conversation is becoming a lost art everywhere. People talk at each other rather than with each other a lot of times.

Treat everyone as if it’s you living another life.


Getting back to questions:

If MakeICT didn’t exist, what would you do with your time?

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What steps would you take outside the Maker space to continue growth of the knowledge of our existence, so we’re not Wichita’s “best kept secret”? With the announcement over the last week possible closing of City Arts, the Ag Research Center, and the follow up by James Chung, what role do you see as MakeICT playing with these possible refugees and the future of the city?

Interesting questions. It was sad to hear about City Arts and the funding issues. Do keep in mind “CityArts costs the city $800,000 annually and recoups only about $300,000 from class fees”. With that in mind, I don’t see how MakeICT could be a possible refugee. Now, MakeICT could in theory benefit from their misfortune if MakeICT had space and wanted to have more Art programs.

Tangent: One thing to note is if you look at City Arts budget numbers it makes it clear just how cheap MakeICT is running. It also points out what a “good” place MakeICT is in when it comes to being self funded and not needed support that could dry up.

As far as the “best kept secret” I think we are about the right rate of people finding us right now. Right after Jan 1 a ton of people joined and it was crazy. Classes were full all over and the space was crazy at times. I also think the people did not get as good of an on boarding time because of this. If things slow done we can market ourselves a bit more and increase the rate. However, if we push to hard I think we would just be overwhelmed.

If we end up trying to raise money to buy a build, then we do need to work the “Why MakeICT” so we can market the cause, but I don’t think we currently need that for new members.

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I’ll take the blame on that one. I boosted our Maker Moday post on FB for $6. I promised I wouldn’t do that again.