QR Codes for Website and Wiki Pages

I was killing a few minutes today while waiting on something to finish, so I decided to generate some QR codes for our website’s main page and for each area’s wiki page. Feel free to use them wherever you wish to put a phone-readable link to any of these URLs, usually on a printed page, business card, flyer, or perhaps a class handout.

  • MakeICT Main Page makeict_homepage_link

  • Main Wiki Page wiki_page_link

  • Ceramics wiki_ceramics_link

  • ERP wiki_ERP_link

  • FabLab wiki_FabLab_link

  • Jewelry wiki_jewelry_link

  • Letterpress wiki_letterpress_link

  • Lounge and Breakroom wiki_lounge-breakroom_link

  • Metal Shop wiki_metalshop_link

  • Screen Printing wiki_screenprinting_link

  • Textiles wiki_textiles_link

  • Welcome Center wiki_welcome-center_link

  • Wood Shop wiki_woodshop_link

  • All QR codes in one zip file makeict_QR_codes.zip (67.3 KB)