Possible paper cutter donation

We’ve had an offer of a full-size paper cutter for the Letterpress Shop, but the catch is that we’d have to go pick it up just north of OKC. The cutter is about 2500 lbs, and it is in a garage (on a pallet) with a pallet jack as the only equipment on site. I don’t have a low trailer to move it in. Dimensions are roughly 70" deep by 50" wide by 50"-60" high.

Until we’re back up to full membership strength, there’s really no budget to go get it, but we could well use it in letterpress. Any ideas? Anyone got a small but strong trailer I could use to go grab it with my Explorer?


I just want to give a shout out to thank our President, Jai Chauhan, for volunteering to drive to Oklahoma City to pick up our paper cutter (and maybe even a stitcher, we’ll see). This isn’t a small thing, but is very helpful! Just in case you’re wondering what we’re getting, it looks like this:

So @pwhutchi, I guess we’ll now have a Champion Death Machine to go with our Heidelberg Death Machine. Thanks also to Glenn Beagley, who has been very diligent about beating the bushes to find us the equipment we need for an awesome Letterpress Shop.


This makerspace just keeps getting more awesome!!!


Happened quick!


I saw shredded paper on Craigslist - is it worth picking up?

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It would certainly be useful for our papermaking classes planned for this summer. We’ve been collecting the output of my paper shredder in Jai’s office, but I think the last batch got confused for trash and put into the dumpster, so I’ve had to start over on collecting.

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Shall we set back a fiber barrel to collect shredded paper in? If it were lidded and had a label it could be stored trash-free and be there when it was needed.

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Imagine the paper we can make with the flowers from the garden committee!


That is a capital idea.

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