Please clean up after yourself


The extruder was left with the handle out four feet into the limited space we have. Besides the handle not being returned to the stowed position the extruder still had clay in it and around it. Please clean up after yourself and return tools to the way you found them. It is not @heathenfire79 or my job to clean up your mess(we did anyway) nor is it the area leads. Thanks! image|375x500


Thanks for taking care of it for the careless person who did not. (Warning: when we see these kind of things happen, the video tape tends to come out… so expect people to call you out on this sort of thing… )


Fessing up. Daryl and I missed it in our cleaning. Mea Culpa.


Thanks for fessing up. :wink: If you need help or pointers on using any of the equipment in the studio, please reach out. We’re all here to help.