Plastic Shredding Party May 20th, 2018

Come help us celebrate the Plastic Shredder being up and functional!!

We are looking for willing participants to bring their plastic waste to us. Plastic Must Be Clean Before Hand!! This will help volunteers from having to clean it before it’s shredded.

For those bringing plastic waste, we are asking for a $5 donation. This will help us to go forward in the process of melting the plastic.

We will also need Volunteers to help us sort the plastics!

Please contact us if you would like to help at:

Help us spread the word by downloading the flyer here:

I read this as the 20th plastic party May 18th… It took me a moment to realize 20th of May 2018.

Ok I changed it…I’ve always written it that way since the military.

I’m on my phone so May 18 was on a second line and no coma after Party. Plus I’d only been awake for 15 mins