Plasma Table Error

Total novice on the table trying to gain some experience. That being said, I tried to do a few cuts today. During the dry run, I always got “Probe is already tripped when starting 38.2 or G38.3 move”. Shut everything down, rebooted, same result. Looked everything over, as far as I could tell everything was physicaly okay. Loaded up different programs, no change. I never got past the dry run, plasma and compressor were off. Something wrong with the table or the operator?

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The small piece of aluminum angle stock that acts as the switch is most likely bent again. If you look between the stationary piece and the part that slides up and down you should be able to see it. It will need to be gently bent back down until it can contact the pin underneath it.

It really needs to be replaced with something more robust.

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I’ve already left assuming it was something I was doing. I’m planning on going back tonight or tomorrow morning. I’ll take a look at it then if someone else doesn’t get to it before me. Thanks.

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Tom R. was there today. He said it looked fine, and ran a few dry run tests, and said it did not have the probe error.

I assume someone was there, and bent the piece back and just had not responded yet, or there is an intermittent issue.

I totally forgot to update this situation. Yes the tab was bent, I corrected it. I’ve run about half a dozen jobs without any equipment issues.

I apologize if I wasted anyone’s time. I appreciated the help. I’ll be more diligent with the follow up next time. I’ve also included a pic for any other novices that might experience the same problem.