Pausing membership

I love the space and the community. But as a student going into graduate school I can’t afford to keep paying for something I’m unable to use. I want to keep volunteering and helping the space open but want to try to save some money while I can.
So the question is if I can pause my membership and then start it again at a later date? Or would I have to cancel it all together then go through and receive signatures when the time comes?


Good Morning ZOE! I’ve missed seeing you and all your cool ceramic projects! With the new space, we are planning a new orientation, so you’ll have to complete that. We’ll want to update everyone’s info and waiver. As far as new key signatures…let me find that answer for you.
PLEASE come Tuesday 6-9 for REMAKE Tuesdays. We NEED your help and the help from many more. The saying is soo true, many hands makes light work. Again, we’d love to see you on Tuesday!


We haven’t decided what the key process will be when we open the new building, there may be some requirement for folks coming in cold who weren’t able to get involved during the build. But I wouldn’t worry about that, if you need to pause you need to pause! Technically every cancellation is a pause, we hope anybody who leaves will want to come back :slight_smile: Instructions are here:


I absolutely want to come back, I miss the community and creativity of the space, but I know I have to be responsible and grownup and all those sad things :cry::weary: for a while until I know how school goes. I look forward to coming on some Tuesdays and furthering the space