Painted today

This is not an impressive thing to post, it’s not meant to be, but this classroom was mostly painted except for this pain in the butt closet that has a bunch of shelves to paint around. Now even that wall has a fresh coat of paint:

The REASON I’m posting this is because we all have a million questions about the new building, and I know members are leaving because we are sometimes not great at telling the story and laying out the future. We hoped to open in a couple weeks but have some major HVAC/electrical requirements ahead of us. Since I am not a licensed electrician I’ve been staying out of the picture, but today I got a text from Paula that the boiler room needed cleaned out so I took my mask, left my house, and went to 5920 E Mt Vernon.

I ended up not needing my mask because we emptied the boiler room really quickly, then Cathy asked me to finish some painting in classroom 3, so I did that. I just put on music on my phone and was all by myself. It’s a huge building with lots of separate tasks to do. I’ve been trying to be as socially distant as I can lately, and today I felt just as quarantined.

If you’re a member of MakeICT and you haven’t seen the building in months, you need to see it. People are working out there every single day. They will help you get involved. I can’t tell you exactly what will happen every day, you know that MakeICT has never been laid out like IKEA instructions when it comes to getting involved. Mark it on your calendar, touch base with somebody here if you want to make sure it’s the right day - but honestly you can probably just drop in almost any day between 9am and 9pm.

We’ve always had this struggle where the people doing the work don’t have time to ask for help or talk a lot about the work they’re doing, so people on the outside don’t see it. Or maybe we feel pressured to tell big remarkable stories. if you just paint a wall, who’s going to be impressed? But I didn’t paint this wall because it was important, I did it because it was relaxing for me, and got me back in touch with our cause, and it was an excuse to see the building and everything going on. It really is incredible and I am so impressed with the people who’ve been out there every day.

And while you’re out there, post about what you see so other members believe that we are making progress and this is worth dedicating more time and money for? I think members are losing a sense of how alive we are, and we can’t convey it in emails and wiki pages and newsletters and forum posts. I don’t know what to do about that.


Thanks for showing the wall Kim. That is my favorite wall in the building. Those “pain in the behind” shelves are gonna contain so many cool things that we can do at MakeICT. Thanks for taking the time to paint. I need to get my behind over there and get some stuff done. Come on people. Join me in making this place the coolest ever!


Thank you for your report. Thank you to all who helped today. Steps may seem small at times and I have to remind myself that with each step forward, we are closer to our goal and that is no small accomplishment.

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Mowed today. Just showed up with my mower and dug in. It’s a big yard but the job was therapeutic and provided social distancing. Didn’t take any pictures though. Sorry.


Thanks for mowing… that is a big job!

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I no longer have a 2nd job so I can help after 230pm and I’ve never been to the new building at all!


Thank you Brian for mowing. We have 2.5 acres so does take time but when the weather is nice it is rather relaxing. Your volunteerism and initiative is much appreciated!!!

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Jerome. You should come by and see the place… it is really starting to shape up.

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Just want to say thank you to all you volunteers you all are so appreciated. I’m looking forward to seeing the new space.
Thank you all!!!

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And you did a wonderful job! Thanks for getting it done!

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If you’re interested we have the trees along the creek that need trimmed up and weed eating to do. There is a trimmer and a corded saw, and loppers though I’ve not run MAKEICT’s trimmer. Last time I just brought my own. If I need to bring mine I can do that.

I’ll need to ck how far we made it on the painting.

If you’re available Monday after 5:30, I could meet you, get you set up and make sure you have what you need.

It will be fun to show you the progress! It is exciting to see things taking shape. We have a great community!


Wallis washed the brick walls in another bathroom yesterday and I got them primed. I’m going for the “most unglamorous makerspace contribution photo” award, lol


Rusty might be in the running…


Thanks for doing this! It’s one of many “thankless” jobs!


Nah, fairly certain Ian Cazabat had a rougher photo while we were widening the doors…


Oh the fun times! I’m hoping to have some more time, in the coming weeks. Need to get back down there!