Overglaze Firing

Hi everyone!!
One of the things we are going to do in the ceramics department is a once a month “special firing” in February, we are going to do an OVERGLAZE FIRE.
So, come on in, work on some projects and get ready to throw some stuff in the kiln for that special day.
I will get the exact date posted by end of the week.

Also… Sunday, Feb 5th at 6 we are having another ceramics department meeting.
This is when we get together, you all tell me what you need, want, how I can improve the department for all of us and also, help decide what type of special Fire to do for March!
Come on DOWN!!!


What is an overglaze fire?


Hey Sam
Overglaze Fire is a third run in the kiln that is set at aow temp.
Ancient or site e but makes things shinny shinny shinny and even more awesome

This is not the technical definition but darn close