Every week I am stunned at the quality and beauty of some of the ceramics that come out of our studio. It has to be the best-kept secret around. So what do we need to capitalize on this? More space? More publicity? What?


It is hard for more than a few people to use the area with any efficiency. We absolutely need more space.


What he said! We need more room! Also, a margarita machine, puppies, a unicorn, and a margarita machine.


I actually really like the way the ceramics area looks. The old brick and the floor and the way every inch is used as efficiently as possible. Somehow I just really like it back there. Normally I don’t like clutter at all but the ceramics area has a different feel than “just cluttered.” Tons of character back there.


Thank you David and Erik, it is great of you to see the work we have been doing back there. The one thing that is going to keep it going and not loose the members we have gained. More room!


As a member that has been frustrated that I have not found a way to engage with this area, I believe we need formal set classes for A. sculpting clay and B how to use the wheel to throw pottery.
There are people doing some great things besides using the wheel.
Maybe 3 classes, with a set time, one or two a week for each of the methods listed above. I would hope this would include glazing.
Are you teaching classes, Scott? I always admire the things you make. You obviously have some serious skill in this area.


Oh dang I think I might have accidentally flagged Scott’s message about maximizing ceramics area. Does that mean it’s been eliminated? My apologies. I must not completely understand this system.


Gail, we have Ceramics Tuesdays where one or the other or all of us may be there and can help answer your questions and get you started. It’s not quite the same as formalized class but we can certainly get your hands dirty and get you making something.


I am also amazed by ceramics! I want to take photos and add them to our facebook page all the time but I’m afraid to because 1) posting anything without artist credit makes me squicky and 2) what if I accidentally spoil somebody’s special birthday surprise vase or something?

Hey, you guys are out of room, what if the results of every glaze firing are stored in the front glass cases instead of tucked away on the back shelves?

Well then we might increase breaking risk so maybe not…


In our dream studio we’d have a bragging wall where people could showcase special pieces to serve as inspiration. In the meantime, we’ll make an effort to ask artist makers if we can take extra good pictures to showcase some of their work maybe on the wiki.


Tuesday night is almost impossible for me to get to. And I’ve actually done that once with very frustrating results.
I’ve got to get my old clay out of there as well. I’m pretty sure it’s dried up. I’m not certain big it is unusable, or what to do with it if it is. I’m using up precious space.


Sorry to hear you had less than fabulous results. I’ll be on the studio tomorrow from 3-6 for cleanup day if you have any question.


We are working on some options right now to get us some more space… and if things go off as I hope, we gotta good shot at a bigger space. It will mean we will all have to pull together to make it happen… but as Kim says “I believe in us”.

So hang in there for just a little while longer :slight_smile: