Outdoor classes?

The YMCA has announced that they will be back to holding group classes next week! The change is they’re going to hold them outdoors so we have plenty of distance and minimize risk of sharing viruses with each other :slight_smile: It got me thinking… are there any classes MakeICT could hold outside? spray painting? tie-dying? outdoor ceramics? I am just excited to be maybe teaching again. I miss our classes like crazy, but it will be a long time before people want to be in confined spaces with strangers.


Lumi workshop.

We did that once a long time ago and we it was wildly popular. Anyone can teach it. We washed them in plastic storage bins and it worked great.


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I actually have a different kit I had bought to learn this technique. I could also teach rust dying outside. When it warm I take my sewing machine outside and sew in our back yard. Got to think outside the box.