Open Streets September 18

If there is enough interest I would be happy to reach out to them about a Made at MakesICT booth. It might be a good practice before Renfest to see how we work together and sell items. Booth prices are high for a 5 hour event, in my opinion, but I’m not sure they will do a shared booth.


What is the cost for the vendor space and what size?

I went looking and found this: Open Streets ICT Become a Vendor

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I would be willing to do some led throwies for that.

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Sorry I didn’t realize it wasn’t there

Thank you for taking initiative, to fill the gap where I failed.

As I’ve been sick and sleeping most days I haven’t reached out to them. If someone else has the time please reach out and let us know what they say.

I attempted to but my email couldn’t get delievered so I have no new info.

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I was hoping they had fixed that I had the same problem with NOMAR