Open CAD Night

Hey all… I had an Open CAD session for people to pop in and bring CAD problems last night, but no one came. I have done some classes… but they were poorly attended. I am trying to think what the best way to get the info across would be.

Do you guys have any good ideas? (We have a bunch of folks who know CAD who have approached me to help. I know we have people out there that need to learn more…

One wild idea I had was " build an electric guitar of your design on the shopbot". (I saw a class at one of the makerspaces for kids and even though I am a drummer, I thought it would be so fun.)

Of course I have taken shopbot twice and not built anything on it yet. :slight_smile: So we can’t really count on me to be the shopbot expert. But maybe we could get someone to help out on that score and if it works out it could be a class.

This would be less of a class and more of a “lets all get together and see if we can figure out how to do this” kind of project.

How’s about CAD your area night for other areas to come up with ideal drawings of their area in the perfect building for the building committee?

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I would be down with that…

Do we have any others interested? Just respond if you are and we will find a common time :slight_smile:

I now have a subscription to pattern making software that I can have as many customers as I want. I’d love to do a CAD night where we build and print patterns for people to make garments and give me feed back.

My son would be very interested in this! He would love to build his own guitar from scratch. The best part is… he would use it also! Mackict band anyone :slight_smile:

I really liked the open CAD night idea, it just wasn’t on a great night for me this time around. I would like to try and come to the next one though.

I have a lot of folks ask about inkscape - maybe we could do both, if we’re both going to be there, if people have inkscape questions I’d help them out, if not then LaDeana can help me with CAD!


Super idea Kim, I add that in.

There are a number of guitar designs for shop bots available on line. Not sure if there is a charge or not.