Onboarding, Engagement, and Retention Seminar (online)

As customers of Wild Apricot, we are invited to attend online seminars from time to time. This one seems particularly appropriate for some folks on the MakeICT management team, so I thought I’d share it. Anyone is welcome to register and attend (online), so here’s the link. I have registered, and plan to sit in on this one.

3 New Strategies to Boost Your Member Onboarding, Engagement, and Retention

Presented by Amanda Kaiser
Non-profit Membership Expert

Monday June 24 at 2PM - 3PM ET

Is your organization struggling to increase your member retention rate? Do you wonder how to engage both new and long-time members even more? In this webinar, membership research expert Amanda Kaiser will share insights from over 400 interviews with members to help you boost member engagement and increase renewals. You’ll learn how members really think about renewals, how membership organizations of all sizes are delighting their newest members, and the steps you can take to engage new members fast, in order to engage them for life!

By the end of this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to get better results from your renewal process by turning it upside-down.
  • How engaging new members within a critical 3-day to 3-week window is helping highly successful organizations.
  • The most powerful (yet most under-leveraged) key to engaging your new members fast!


Amanda Kaiser

Presented by Amanda Kaiser. Amanda Kaiser owns Kaiser Insights LLC, a qualitative member research firm. To date, Amanda has conducted over 400 in-depth member interviews for large and small, trade and professional associations. Through these conversations, she comes to understand members’ goals, challenges, and worries, then translates these insights into strategies that exponentially improve member engagement. Channeling these member insights, Amanda writes a weekly blog focused on associations at SmoothThePath.net.