Nozzle on Creality and Prusa

I tried to print on both of these machines today with the clear orange off-brand filament. On the Prusa, it printed a few layers and then quit extruding. I moved to the Creality and it never even started extruding. Since I had used that filament successfully yesterday on the Rostock, I went back and ran it on there. I didn’t take either of the other printers apart to clear the jam, as I hadn’t done it before and didn’t want to damage either nozzle, or in case it was something else causing the problem. If it was caused by the filament, I’m curious about why it would run normally on the Rostock. Is the nozzle diameter larger? Hotter setting on the hotend?

I cleared both of the jams last night. I actually don’t think that eSun filament caused either of them. The Creality was jammed with some yellow that had mushroomed above the heat break, and the print that I did Thursday night on the Prusa already showed evidence of a partial clog.

Although, looking at how it was printing on the Rostock, it may need a higher temperature; it wasn’t extruding very well. It seems that print failed due to a tangle in the spool.

This is what I saw when I cancelled the failed print.