Nomcon 2020

New year new thread

NOMCON 2020 June 5,6,and 7 in Eugene, Oregon.

I’d love to get involved with this!!

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We’d love to have you go with us. I just learned the State Delegates will be taking on more of planning and leading the conference. I have said I’ll stay in on the conversation, but will be watching more than doing. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do at the state level. If I know a list of your skills and something comes up mind if I pass you along?

I don’t exactly have a lot of skills that would apply to managing a makerspace currently, but that is something I am learning. One thing I am interested in doing is working with youth outreach, I have a friend that did that at NC 2019 and she’s helping me with that. Feel free to pass me on to any relevant people!

There’s a work group for Maker Youth and I know they were looking for Adult Resources. I will have to find how to contact them. We’re not actually running any makerspaces for this project, we will be planning next years conference and what the schedule will be like.