New Year, New Layout

Heads up, took some time today to clean and rearrange the hot shop. And of course, I forgot to take before photos.

If someone beats me to cleaning the grime off the floor, I’d be very grateful…


Gorgeous! <3

I did manage to get rid of most the stuck on grime on the floor, but there’s still a couple areas I may need to hit with vinegar on a warmer day.

Also, there is now a gas strut on the right hand door of the powder coating booth to help hold the door open.


Looks good!

That floor looks sooooo much better! :star_struck:

I’ll be excited to see if the floors end up this nice in the halls after cleaning day on Saturday.

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Thanks whoever replaced the lexan on the sandblaster and replaced the fasteners holding on the screen.

I’m kinda wondering how much effort it would take to polish up the old lexan. I hear baking soda and toothpaste work, but I haven’t really heard of many people polishing plastic beyond headlights in the past.


It’s beautiful! Thank you so much, Rustin!

Gene was in there the other day working on the sandblaster (I crawled inside it to help him fasten the nuts on those bolts :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ) so he might’ve been the one who replaced the lexan? I’m not sure.

I do recall mentioning that I had a clear sheet of some material that might be lexan (from The Yard, who don’t necessarily mark stuff clearly) in my car, but it would need to be cut down, and he said he wanted to get something pre-cut. So he might’ve ended up doing that, and installing it.

What’s the best way to clean the floor in there? I really should do it every time I work in there, when finishing up.

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There was a ‘new’ piece of lexan next to the blaster already cut to size when I moved the blaster over. I hope that’s the one he used.

As far as cleaning up the shop, the wet mopping was kind of a once in a great while things. There were some gnarly looking spots that weren’t cleaning up with the broom, so the wet mop with a lot of Ajax was the next step.

At the end of the day, turning on the air filtration system by the CNC plasma cutter, and then using the push broom to sweep up should be good enough.


Rustin that is fantastic I am sorry that I missed the event I would have been glad to help. Can you include me in on future events with an e-mail or how do I get my self on your list of volunteers.

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I would be glad to help with the maintenance on the sandblaster.

I was kind of having some zen time cleaning up the metalshop.

Though, with the to-do list up, I might start having monthly 'practise using an angle grinder’s event to start knocking that list out.

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