New space

An idea for the new space, more work surfaces. The current space is a little short on work surfaces for several people to do assembly work at the same time.



History has shown us that tables against a wall gather equipment (and dare I say it, clutter). Tables in the middle get cleared off and used as workstations, so aim for that in the arrangements.


I discussed floor layout with Doug, last week. His idea is to try and keep the same layout (or close) due to the dust collector layout. The Dust Collector, Shop Bot, lathe and bandaws would go to the other room. Minimize the movement of work from one room to the other for table saw, then jointing, planing and glue up.

Keeping storage shelving or cabinets against the wall, also helps keep stuff, aka clutter, off work surfaces.


@doug.wilson do we have the final layout for the new space? We’re running power, and need to know where everything goes. We have the note on the table saw 220.

Disregard – found you in person.

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