New recruit Caleb here

Hey all, Caleb here. I’m finishing up the final steps to becoming a member and hope to be through the door soon :slight_smile: Just need 1 more signature and then will be looking to get the badge…

My primary interest is 3D printing. I’m a gamer- tabletop and board games- and I know there are a lot of applications for gaming. Also, printmaking is something I’d be interested in getting into eventually. I have previous experience in sculpture classes at KSU- both taking classes, and volunteering to help with their iron pours. Once upon a time, then, I could say I had experience with Welding, Ceramics, metalworking, and woodworking (if you consider hand-carving woodworking…)

To be honest that was a while back and I’ve let my skills slip since then. Always thought that tools costed more than I could afford to keep tinkering… And then I learned about MakeICT :slight_smile: so looking forward to getting back into it.


Welcome, @Caleb. What signature do you have left? Glad you love our concept.

Thanks! I’m needing 1 more area lead signature.

There should be someone there tonight.
I will not be, but if you haven’t gotten a signature by Friday let me know.

I wasn’t able to make it by tonight, probably won’t be able to tomorrow, but I’ll try to stop in Thursday or Friday.

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Been real busy with work, but finally might be able to get around to getting my final signature. Does anyone know if any leads are going to be in after 4 PM today?

I’ll be here, but I’m pretty sure I already signed yours. Looks like @doug.wilson will be here tonight to change bandsaw blades. He could probably be convinced to sign for you, but he might ask you to give him a hand first. :wink:

That would be great :slight_smile: any expected time window? I get off here at 4 but I’m guessing people won’t be around until after 6 or so?

Not sure when Doug will be here. You could try sending him a private message or ask in the thread where he mentioned he was stopping by:

I’m here now working on the Creality.