New Project

I acquired a TouchTunes digital jukebox tonight. Since the CPU is locked out, I’m thinking of just replacing it with a Raspberry Pi or even a regular PC. Looks nice, though, and now I know what I can work on when I finish the AMI jukebox I started a few years back. Any ideas, folks?

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Visually, you should give it a theme. Laser cut some new 50s looking mirror backed acrylic speaker covers. Maybe like a roadster rockabilly look. Matte black with red and maybe silver pinstripes. Red led neon rings around the speakers.

If your looking to sell it, themed bars are really popular on the west coast. English hooligan bars, pirate bars, star wars, speak easy, whatever. Any kind of theme like that would be cool i think.


Looks like it has an impressive sound system. And a giant touch screen. I’d probably turn it into an internet radio receiver.


That’s a lie… I lied. I would 100% use it for watching YouTube