New member Marc

Hi all. I’m a new paid member and am looking forward to get started. Need to get my key from Josh, but didn’t see an e-mail for him anywhere. Looking at taking the exotic wood hazmat class on the 22nd and was wondering if I need a guest pass if I don’t get my key by then.


I might be blind but i dont see it? I see one for the shop bot and making rings. You will need to take the woodshop safety class before you can sign up for it.

Nope. You can just go upto the front door and ring the doorbell. The teacher (or another member if your a bit late) will assist you with getting checked in and to the classroom.

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Email The committee has more than 1 person that can help with a key. Also that is where you email a lost key, so they can disable it.

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Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.

In the wood shop forum there is an entry from Doug Wilson about an exotic woods class on Dec. 22 from 6-8 pm. I was also looking for the wood shop safety class. Any idea when the next wood shop safety or any other safety classes will be held? I don’t see a lot on the calendar.
Thanks for all your help!

I found it

I would wait and see what he replies to christian.

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It has been added to the calendar

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Welcome to the group!