New closet plans!

I’m in beginning stages of renovating my bedroom, more specifically making my closet more functional and adding built in organization.

Currently I have 24" door for a 6’ closet. The closet is not deep enough to comfortably enter or reach the clothes in the back.

I will be expanding the opening to fit 72" wide french doors to have more access, forfeiting a small closet in a spare bedroom (it already has a walk-in closet)

I also intend on planning out shelving and constructing them in pieces to attach and slide in place.


Always nice to have a new closet. Good luck plans look great!!!

Any place for Shaker Pegs?

I like where you’re going with this :slight_smile:

Cool. I have an unreachable spot in my closet that is smaller and I have been thinking about adding drawers right in the wall. It does have the stupid sliding doors… so tell me how the French doors work out for you… maybe I could ditch the sliders…