New building


I know a new vape shop just opened in part of that building, and there is an auto body repair shop behind it. I’m not for sure, but i believe the workout place and possibly Fishers are also part of that 60k.


You never know…If the right people came along like US! Shared what we are doing…do we know who owns the property? I think looking is always a good thing.


Things like this should be left to the building committee Lead. If he decides its worth looking at it, then fine, If not then no need to chase squirrels.


Thanks for pointing this one out. I have been told that there is only a small area available for rent there, but I will confirm with the property owner.

FYI - we have a spreadsheet to capture location suggestions and I will add this to that list; we will also be sharing more details on the progress of the new building committee after we wrap up a couple more leadership discussions on the subject.

Jens - new building committee lead


Didn’t mean to step on toes, just voiced an opinion Sorry for stepping on toes people…


You aren’t stepping on anyones toes. Opinions are always welcome.


There is some type of metal shop at 1030 N. Washington that’s for sale and has the sq footage. No clue what the inside is like




I love the 29th st building, they’ve come down on the price quite a bit. When I first looked at it they wanted $750,000. That would make a great space for both indoor and outdoor making activities.


Catylist ID: #30295282 MICHENER ELEMENTARY
2235 W 37th St N, Wichita, KS 67204


There doesn’t seem to be a lot out there.


We have a few prospects we are looking at… but finding a space that will be good for us is a challenge,


I agree. It will also allow us to expand on what we do and most likely attract more artist and craters so we can offer even MORE creative endeavors. The outdoor space would allow us to hold outdoor events that are family orientated like an open market on certain days, or outdoor craft fairs where people can pay a small donation fee, bring the kids and make simple things from a variety of departments. Maybe a Makeict Gift Shop open to the public where people can come in and buy what we are making. It could be ran kind of like a Co-Op. If you have stuff in the shop for sale then you have to put so many hours of time in the shop. WE could make it the go to place for hand made items and family orientated events.It has limitless possibilities. If this place is indeed what we are looking for then I HOPE we act fast enough to get it. Maybe the seller could work out a better deal and get a nice Tax Write Off since we are a non profit.


The 29th St building appears to already be gone from Loopnet…


Still shows up for me.


Maybe you need to flush the cache on your browser…cause it’s gone when I go searching for it on


It appears gone for me … but only when I pick a property to view.
I would have concerns about that property given the previous tenant… (like industrial cleanup type concerns…)


Well…Drive by take a look or type in the addy and google map it…It wouldn’t hurt to make a call to find out if it’s still on the market or not AND you can always ask what the previous owner used the property for. By law they have to disclose that type of information to buyers. Properties do have more than one buyer interested in them at times. If the sale in only pending and every thing checks out make an offer. Nothing is final until it actually exchanges hands. Either party can back out before it’s finalized. So if it meets our needs and the price is right then lets INQUIRE about it and find out what the deal is. Lets Hop to it…as in Johnny Depp from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas …Quick Like a Bunny!!!


Um… reading the side of the building … Wichita Brass and Aluminum Foundry…