New addition to Ceramics

A huge thank you to @ammejia99 for discovering and transporting the new to the space slip casting table.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include @Christian in this post he helped me keep my head on while we disassembled the pump from the motor and plumbing, cleaned it to look new, and reassembled it then promptly poured liquid clay into it.

@skebe and Christian also were the first two to be authorized to use it and even filled some molds and released some cast items from said molds.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without our incredible ceramics co-leads @pwhutchi and @Scott who took very little convincing on my end to make this a reality.


Let me know when your doing authorization Carol and I can see ourselves using this.


I have a box of molds like that.


Id love to learn!! Exciting times at MakeICT!! Thanks All!!


Does this slip casting table belong to ceramics because it was donated or is this a slip casting table on loan? Either way it will make casting easier

On loan


Does anyone follow clayshare? Jessica Putnam-Phillips does such a nice job. Starting today, she is doing 5 days of demos. CSC2021 Day 1 – ClayShareCon 2021
I wish I could watch more. Darn work… They’ll have them posted afterwards. Enjoy!

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What kinds of slips can we use?

There is 12ish gallons of cone 5 stoneware in it currently.