Need to learn how to Do Triple Start Threading on a mini lathe

I have my own mini lathe at home, but I need to learn how to create internal and external triple start threads for hand made fountain pens I’m making.

Is there someone who can instruct me? I’m willing to pay for their time.

I’m a member and have taken the metal shop safety class so I can learn at ICT or if willing someone can come out to my shop at home and show me how to make these threads on my machine (HF 7x10 mini lathe).



Couple of questions:
Any particular thread (size and pitch) or just something that matches what you create?
Any reason for the triple starts? They are a bit harder to do.

I don’t think we have any sufficiently small tools in the metalshop to do that immediately (maybe for external threads?), but we do have grinders so making a basic serviceable one usually isn’t too hard, (Not sure exactly how small you need, but that may put it into the challenge category) and blanks can be had at the Yard. Otherwise premade tools for that usually something like $40+.

Mostly what I have seen is quad threads.

Multi lead threads can be done but a lot depends on the machine you are using and the desired thread pitch. Each individual thread ends up being very coarse, and often smaller machines aren’t capable of thread pitches course enough to do it. Beyond that there are different techniques depending on the machine. I’ll pm you and we can try to get together to go over it if you’d like