Need Pallets

We hope to at least start moving supplies and equipment in maybe about a month, and having some pallets on hand would make it much easier to handle things in bulk. If you have access to some pallets and want to do your Official Good Deed® for the day, we’d love it if you could bring us some. Alternately, if you have a pickup or trailer, you could grab some of these (pulled from FB at 11:55pm on Jan 4):



Hi David, I know two places that seem to have a lot of them that I can check to see if we can have them. Where would you ant them if I get them?

My work has a stack out back as well that I’m sure they would be happy if they disappear. It’s in Haysville.

Pallets can be stacked against the north wall of the school, on the concrete parking pad. We’ll move them when the building’s open. Thanks!