Need a Nudge $10,000 Toyota Grant

I just nominated MakeICT for this. Voting goes live November 1st. I included the following video. Video was limited to 25 mb which is less than 10 seconds. Our scarecrow was happy to model. Posted to Facebook link below.

I will update here when voting is live.


@rustin.atkeisson they will contact you if they have any questions

This will go live Tuesday. I will post a voting link.

You will have to hunt us down to vote. Need A Nudge

On your computer, Filter K-0 scroll to bottom 3rd dot scroll back to to on right.

On your phone hit Filter at the top of the first page. Then hit K-O, then load more twice.


if you vote, then click on another dot - and back on the third dot again - you can keep voting. Rules say there are no limits on number of votes - (we’re over 200) as I was testing it out


At least we tried. Thanks to everyone who voted. Need A Nudge


We didn’t get the grant?

No we were not chosen

Next time!


For future insight, it might help to look at who did win and how their responses were written.

It is disheartening to see so much effort be put in by members and see groups with significantly fewer votes win, but at the same time, I don’t feel bad that we lost to groups who’s sole purpose is to keep food pantries stocked or provide scholarships to those in need. That is awesome to see those groups succeed!


That’s a great way to think about it Rustin. It’s good to have positive thoughts even if we aren’t the ones who came out with a win.