Need a Lathe Job Completed for WSU Aerospace Engg

I work for aerospace engineering at WSU, and one of our faculty is needing a few parts turned for his lab. I told him before he goes to NIAR, I’d ask around here to see if someone would be interested.

I think he’ll need five or six parts total, made from (probably) stainless. We’l provide the material. See the attached drawing for a rough idea. There are two sketches shown, and each major size will have two different lengths, in which the depth of one is 1 in (25.4 mm) and the depth of the second is 2 in (50.8 mm). There will be a fifth part that I haven’t designed yet. It will be a sort of flange mounting system that has a threading of 66mm x 2.0. It might turn into two parts, depending on how the design goes. I’ll work on that tomorrow and add it to this post. I’m just seeing if anyone is interested in making these for pay, ~$100. If you accept, you’ll have to put together an invoice that he can purchase against (you can use PayPal to make invoices if you don’t have your own system).

Given the dimensions, this will have to be done on the Logan. I’m quoting everything in the metric system, but I’m not sure if the Logan has the capabilities to do metric threading. Maybe someone can respond about that as well. If it can’t, there might not be much to do going forward with this project at MakeICT.

Please let me know if you can do this. My own skills with the lathe aren’t capable of making these parts to the dimensions he requires, especially not in stainless. Tolerances are +0 -0.1 mm.


Update - I misspoke about the fifth and sixth parts. There will actually be an additional six parts beyond the four parts described above. So in total, 10. I’ll get a design drawn up for everything tomorrow and post the files here.


I misspoke again. I forgot to upload the sketches yesterday with the original post! Here are the first four parts (in a very rough sketch)

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Ok, here are the drawings. 10 parts in total, one of each piece. Please let me know if you’ll be able to make these and how much you would charge.
Bhisham Acoustic Couplers.pdf (1.3 MB)