Need 2-3 volunteers! Learn about Electricity!

Hey guys I am one of the Electricians helping with getting the new makers space up and running!

I am looking for 2-3 volunteers for Sunday around 12:30pm to meet at the school.

I am trying to go through the old electrical panels and pull out unused things and also label things around the building. So you will have to be on ladders at some point and be doing basic demo. We will also test the new panels that were installed and power them up for the first time, hopefully!

I will teach you about electrical safety and general construction safety. You can learn about electrical trouble shooting, if you like, and see the process of identifying circuits.

A little about me. I have a master electrical license in KS and a Journeymans in Oklahoma. I have been employed doing electrical work on 3 continents in 4 different countries. I will do my best to keep you busy and teach you a few things along the way!



Hi Monty,

I’d really be interested in helping and gaining more knowledge on electrical work however, this is a really bad time for me with the KC Chiefs game and all. If you happen to schedule a time other than 12-6 this Sunday, I’d be all in.


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Hi Monty,

I don’t have my badge yet (have been paying for a membership but still need a couple signatures) but would definitely be interested in helping out.

I have done quite a bit of temporary installs (lighting for weddings and such). So not completely unskilled just mostly.


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I’d be happy to help.

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Come on over to the school Sunday at 12:30! 5920 E Mt.Vernon is the address I think, or at least close you will see the school.


Will do.

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Monty, I’m wanting to send out a call for help on your behalf, unless you feel you’ve got it covered. How would you like those interested to reply? A direct email or phone # might be nice if you are comfortable with that. I know of a few that do not use the forum as most requested contact through text or email. My email is Thanks!

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Monty: I’ve pinned this on the forum globally until tomorrow.

Everyone else: Doesn’t matter how old/new you are, or whether you have your badge or are even a member. If you’d like to pitch in and help, we’ll absolutely welcome your help. I intend to be at Booth (5920 E. Mount Vernon) by noon tomorrow (Sunday). We’ll fill whatever help needs Monty might have, and if we have extra folks (I hope so), I’ve got plenty of stuff to do, so don’t worry about being left out! Can’t make it until x:xx? Come on over anyway. I’ll keep the doors open or make whatever reasonable arrangements I can for folks to work as long as possible.

If any other crew leaders need specific help, shoot me a note and we’ll find you some help if we can.

Thank you to Monty for giving us so much of his time, and thank you to everyone who plans to help us out tomorrow.

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Kevin and I will be there.

I’m in the process of applying for the ibew apprenticeship, although I don’t currently work in electrical or even construction. This sounds like a great opportunity to get some experience! I will try to make it by tomorrow although I probably won’t be able to stay too long- got a few other things going on tomorrow.

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Just a little note, a few of us probably felt this at the end of the hall, though from the walky talky, not people closer to the center of the building:

Thanks to everyone for coming out. :slight_smile:

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If I was there (during the earthquake), I probably figured it was a dump truck on Mount Vernon. The stuff they drive by here when they’re working on the road is pretty rumbly lately.

And a very heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who came out to help. I appreciate all of our volunteers…MakeICT wouldn’t exist without you.