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I will be posting it here instead of the admin list. From now on.



I’ve got to be honest here…I’m pretty disappointed in the direction NoM is headed. It seems from their publications and proposals that they’re more interested in promoting social causes than in facilitating makers and makerspaces. The focus is just wrong. If they or I want to promote a cause, that’s fine, but I envisioned far more emphasis on the practical aspects of making and makerspaces, and it just isn’t there.



Ok. So let’s flood the suggestion box with practical topics and see if they bite on them. I would like it to swing more that way myself… but how do we know that if we don’t tell them, right? I put one in that was all about disaster planning for MakerSpaces. Think of a ton of practical sessions that we could have and we can put them in. If Nomcon doesn’t bite, then I say let’s do a Midwest Maker Meetup ( we won’t call it a conference ) and advertise our list of practical topics… and see what happens.

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The above is the link to add sessions. First try to change the system… then if that doesn’t work… then we buck the system.

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@David What would you like to see?



@ladeana hell I’d love to do a midwest maker meetup just to say we’ve met with KC, OKC, our friends in newton and hutch, that would be awesome! Share equipment, tour each other’s spaces, be friends, sleep on each other’s couches, right?

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Yeah… exactly… plus we would have the control to do what we thought was important.

I would try to get the wood shop guys talking to the Wood shop guys etc… and we could talk about what classes each of us teach… maybe even a someone from out of town teach a class in our space.

Whenever I went to our Catia conferences we always had a room of computers set up and had some Catia training. I actually expected we would make something at the Maker conference. :slight_smile:



Put that on our 5 year stratagic plan. We finally got something on paper Saturday. We’re using the Wichita Art Museaum’s as a guide. @ladeana thanks for getting it going.



This was posted in the State Delegates Forum on FB, I got added 6 months ago, but haven’t gotten anything official or an ask. They still haven’t answered my membership request from December. I know they are all volunteers, well besides 2 or 3.

I wanted to ask that all the state delegates reach out to people in your maker community and ask them what are some important topics that need to be addressed, please take the time to add some NOMCON Topic Ideas to Even if you can’t make it to NOMCON, add relevant ideas that are important and need to be discussed! If you already have tickets, you should submit an Ignite Talk too!



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