My boy scout troop

Wanting to know how many members of my troop can come in at the same time to tour our facility, probably a Saturday morning or afternoon. At the moment we have about 12 active members; maybe 10 adult parents/leaders. Can I be the one to show them around or do I need to set up something with someone else? Can I maybe ask outreach to set something up for the scouts to do or make something? We can use the Lounge area?

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@barb might be able to set something up for outreach. I have toured groups of that size around the old makerspace before… do be careful of the COVID rules as that group is getting close to the 25 person limit. You might need to have them in 2 rooms to keep them socially distant as well.

Unless things have changed with the new building or COVID, there isn’t an official limit - you just have to make a reservation if you’re bringing more than 3 guests:

As noted on that page, you and all of your guests are bound to the guest policy, so with kids I’d say the limit would be the maximum number you can be responsible for.