Mowing date changed to the 17th

We were supposed to mow on the 10th, but something’s come up and I can’t make the 10th, so I’m changing the mow date to the 17th. Sorry :neutral_face:


Do you want some help? If so, what, and at what time?

We could always use help: This is what we need in order of importance:

There’s usually 2 of us mowing, no one edging, someone trimming
(sometimes). We usually start around 8 am. I bring along an electric edger
and trimmer and my riding mower. There was someone thinking about donating
his push edger to MakeICT but I don’t know if he did. That machine was cool
and made edging so very easy.
Edging is needed along the curb and sidewalks
Trimming is needed around trees and some areas around posts and poles and
other areas where the mowers can’t get to.